How to stay healthy while smoking?

All health articles addressed to smokers are related to smoking risks and engage various attempts to convince them to quit smoking. You can find everywhere tips on how to quit smoking or advice on easy ways to quit smoking and all kinds of personal stories of people that beat their habit. But no article or vivid picture with the effects of smoking on your body will probably be convincing enough if you just enjoy your little habit and consider you can’t live without it. So we understand you need to live with it! This is why in the following post we tried to gather the most useful health tips for smokers. These tips are intended to help you diminish the negative effects of smoking on your body. Enjoy!

There are many people that manage to stay very healthy though they are frequent smokers. So how do they do it? Are their bodies very strong because of good genetics or are they putting any effort into it?          
The answer is simple. You need to balance the bad habit with other healthy choices. Settling with a healthy lifestyle might make you be even healthier than a non smoker.

How to keep your lungs healthy while smoking?

  • Your lungs are made of many tiny airways that are paved with hair like stalks called cilia. These small things are lung’s cleaners, they block impurities and toxic wastes to go further. So when you are smoking the cilia tries to block and waste away all the toxins and chemicals you are drawing into your lungs with the smoke. If you keep smoking one cigarette after another the cilia has no time to clean up and somehow get clogged. One advice is to have some off time between your cigarettes.

  • Start practicing deep breathing exercises, for example, yoga or meditation can help you learn breathing techniques. Learning to breath correctly will strengthen your lungs and your lung capacity.

  • If you are predisposed to asthma attacks you should consider a preventer medication that will keep your lungs from closing in and also keep them mucus free.

  • Try using Eucalyptus vapor rubs to open your airways.

What to eat to keep yourself healthy?

  • Go for a balanced nutrition and even try nutritional supplements that are appropriate for you.

  • Try eating loads of vegetables, leafy greens and whole grain cereals.

  • Don’t forget to always have the seasonal fruits around you.

  • Take time for your meals, avoid junk or fast food, as much as possible.

  • Prepare your food boiled, steamed or fried in minimum oil.

  • Reduce your intake of processed and based on refined starch foods.

  • Minimize caffeine and alcohol intake when smoking.

Why is it important to keep a balanced nutrition when smoking?

Since you are already attacking your body with all the toxins and chemicals that are the waste products from the smoke, you need to pay attention to cleansing your other organs. This is why you need to go for the natural detoxification of the liver through your diet.

Which are the useful nutriments to take when smoking?

  • Focus on the B complex of vitamins, on the C vitamin from fruits and on the E vitamin in cereals and nuts.

  • Go for the unrefined, unpolished carbohydrates.

  • Don’t forget about sodium intake, iron and other elements.

  • Try to obtain your nutriments from natural plants, such as green teas.

  • Complete your dietary recommendations with exercise. Exercise is beneficial to detoxification, oxygen distribution and metabolic functions. Make yourself a simple exercise schedule and do your best to respect it.

  • Don’t forget to take time for yourself and do your best to reduce stress!

  • Consider using cigarettes with lower levels of nicotine and carcinogenic content, such as electronic cigarettes.

  • Don’t forget to keep in contact with your health care professional and monitor your health every six months to assess the impact of smoking on your body.

Probably the healthiest way would be to quit smoking, but if you cannot do that with all the quit smoking tips that are available today, let’s hope that trying to stay healthy while smoking would help at least a little bit too.


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